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Farm Bureau is an organization of people like you ... productive, conscientious citizens dedicated to improving the quality of their lives and the lives of those who depend on them. We care about feeding our families, the environment, educating our children and speaking out on issues of concern. It is our organization’s goal to provide leadership, education, information, training and economic services to enhance the quality of life of our members.

One Big Family

When you join Farm Bureau, so does your entire immediate family including your spouse and any children, 23 years and under, living at home or in school. Through your county Farm Bureau membership you also become part of the largest state and national agricultural organizations – West Virginia Farm Bureau, representing more than 17,000 member families, and the American Farm Bureau Federation, representing more than 5 million member families.

From the Grassroots

Unlike most organizations, the membership governs Farm Bureau. Through a process called Policy Development, the grassroots membership establishes the direction of the organization. Because our policies aren’t set by a president or board, our members have the opportunity to actively participate in setting the agenda for the organization.

A Strong Legislative Voice

Decisions are made in Charleston and Washington, D.C., that affect your farm, your business and the well-being of your family everyday. As policy is discussed and legislation developed, Farm Bureau is there to monitor, inform and represent you, the member. Farm Bureau’s legislative achievements affect your life...and your pocketbook! The professional staff of the Farm Bureau assists with this process and works with legislative and government leaders at the county, state and national level.

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